Our business was founded with the idea to help non-profits generate a great relationship with their supporters at the same time help them make more money than they have ever done with record breaking profit margins.  Simply through bed sheet fundraising.

How do we do this??  By selling BED SHEETS!  Keep in mind, every house you pass by needs bed sheets.

Fundraiser Made Easy is a bed sheet fundraising company supplying a superior product, used every day in every home; and we support that  through a simple, easy and highly profitable bed sheet fundraiser program.

Our bed sheet fundraiser cater to every organization looking to run a fundraiser. Sell your supporters a product they will use, a product they will love; and enjoy the CRAZY HIGH profits per sale ($14-$20).

Great sheet set at a reasonable price.
Neal R., Murietta, CA
Fast deliver and like sleeping on butter! Amazing
Patrick G., Raleigh, NC
Very beautiful. Extremely soft
Tammy H., Waterloo, IL
Nice quality. Will order more
Leslie K. , Horseshoe Bend, AR
Love, Love these sheets, going to order a 2nd set…great price too!!
Carol D., Abingdon, MD