Fundraiser Made Easy was founded to help organisations and teams make BIG money by selling a product that people need that also has BIG margins. There is a high demand for “something new” in the fundraiser business.  Unfortunately the common theme for most fundraiser products is that they are mostly products that nobody needs.  The team at Fundraiser Made Easy have discovered a solution.  Bed Sheet Fundraisers!

  • A simple fundraising program; selling a high quality product that people actually need at an affordable price.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • No upfront purchases needed.
  • 100% No nonsense manufacturers warranty.

Follow our coaching and let our product do the selling.  Our motto around here is “we have sold millions of bed sheets but we have never sold one.  They sell themselves”

Whether you are a seasoned fundraising group or this is your first one, we are holding the key to your bed sheet fundraiser success.